Smileyville v1.1

Is it possible to get the full version of Smileyville v1.1? You can download the demo here, but not the full game. I have purchased the game in February 12 2019.

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The latest version is 1.37. You can use your given authorization code to download it from

E-mail support if you’ve forgotten your code.

But the 1.1 version was different. It had signs instead of round wooden buttons.

Log into your account and click on “Legacy” (it’s beneath the platform icons)

Thank you, is it possible to have the MacOS X game? I have just the demo version I downloaded years ago, but it is no more available.

Added to “Legacy”. Note that it won’t work at all on macOS 10.15+, and probably has serious issues even on prior versions.

Thank you again. This is a bit off-topic, but will you upload to App Store the iOS versions of the games like Piggly or Christmas Eve Crisis?

Can’t. The iOS publishing rights are held by another company.

I don’t know why I can open the program directly from the installer, but if I open it from another path, I can only open it once, then it happens the same error than in the demo version (it appears a black screen, then a quarter of the screen is black with colourful dots, then another black screen and it quits. I can not put a screenshot because when I make one in the screenshot it appears like no black screen was there. Well I think i could upload the screenshot of that, but now I am on Linux).

“Legacy” is unsupported.