Small weapon changes

  • Increase the “damage tick rate” for the Lightning fryer, so no need to spam fire button for maximum power, which isn’t realistic

Edit: though this weapon is automatic, the amount of “hits per second (amount of time you hear the hit sound when firing)” is lower than the Position Stream, sometimes it would miss the target when you move your ship too fast, make this weapon sometimes inconsistent. The weapon’s DPS doesn’t change, just more hits per second and less damage per hit.

  • Add random spread pattern for Utensil poker, instead of current predictable spread pattern

Current spread pattern of Utensil Poker (example) : 45-90-45-line-45-90…
My spread pattern (example):: 30-46-62-line-74-88…(line or 30~90)

Sorry, i’m not good at English.

Is this supposed to be an automatic fire rate? I don’t get it.

Why? It’s other weapons that need buffing, not utensil that needs nerfing.


no nerf to utensil, you can kill someone with fork, neither corn

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