Small ideas on scoring machanics

Now, CIU has tons of competitive event so I have some ideas on changing the scoring mechanics in the game:

  • Reduce the points you get when destroying metals. To destroy all the metals in a wave is just a waste of time.
  • Increase the bonus points. most of the bonus points are just too little, i think the only bonus that is effective is Max power. The worst is probably Clear sweep, at high difficulty this is definitely the hardest to do but its bonus points are too little (only about 10000).
  • Added some new bonus , here are some of my ideas:
    • increase the bonus score exponentially with each weapon swap (requirements is collects all the gifts or changes it with each wave).
    • Close one :dodge enemy’s attack (1 or more time) perfectly.
    • The flash : wipe out the wave In a very short period of time.
    • remove some medals that are too easy to get and turn it into a bonus point. There are just too many medal(low quality meme lol)
  • Reusing scoring from CI5, when the scoring conditions are met (this should be player’s choice, not a force difficulty like in CI5), the total score will be multiplied.


A small idea I’ve thought about: Add a bonus for kill all enemies in the wave not letting any of them shoot a single projectile. It’s like extreme early bird + multi kill + clean sweep.

Another ridiculous idea: Add “reverse pecking order” bonus for killing enemies in the opposite order they appeared.


“Reverse pecking order” sounds useless at best.
Imagine a long line where the first dude left the screen
but the last dude hasn’t even finished spawning yet.
(Can’t think of a case like this yet, but it is a possibility)

High speed chase, for one.

Then you can have “pecking order” instead. Indeed “reverse pecking order” is less frequently available, it require all enemies appear fast and not leaving quickly. Because it’s rare and harder, it should yield more points.

Also, “pecking order” isn’t available all the time, so I think it’s maybe not a proper reason to reject the idea.

Of course, I think iA won’t consider this because adding a bonus is a huge problem to the scoring mechanics of the game. But it can give players more oppotunities to get more points.

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