Skip tasks with keys

Feather fields
Can it be defeated from here I really want to skip these boring tasks or skip this mission by keys i finished just yet


It loses the incentive of earning a tier up for doing quests, just man up and just do it despite how boring it is.

Plus it makes the quest more pay-to-win possible so you can just to highest rank by just skipping it


Hey…? i am in Rank Captain(4) Too!

Paying to skip quests isn’t dedication. It’s just skipping and a waste of keys for skipping.

2 things:

1- stop doing them

2- there are people that are of higher rank than you (including me), and you’re sitting here in this easy rank, and the high-rank people are laughing at you, do you want that? no, be a man. (this is motivation, motivation classes weekly)

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Well if you don’t like this then change the mission to boss rush or chicken invaders Etc.

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Plasma X’s right! the Quest didn’t skip that Mohammed!

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use League to find some short mission :smiley:


Oh thanks nice Advice

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skill issue

Solution: Just play the game, you’ll completely it eventually