Simple CI2 Celebration Idea - No Firing Cooldown

One thing I like most about CI2 was that you can fire consistently without having to worry about attack cooldown. Nothing can stop your endless destruction on the army of chickens - which actually makes CI2’s infinitely repeating levels a lot more fun to play.

For CI2’s anniversary, I thought it would be fun if the Heroes Academy hosts another Anniversary event for CI2, but this time we play the newer levels with CI2’s no cooldown mechanic.

Here’s the details:

  • Firing gives you no heat whatsoever.
  • All the current levels in the Chicken Invaders category is avaliable, except from the ones which feature safe/danger zones - limiting player movement just didn’t feel like CI2’s gameplay.
  • Phoenix can still cause cooldown if its shots hit the player.
    (unleash your destruction on these first if you hate getting the cooldown)

This simple level type is meant for players to have fun, party and casually taking out a buncha chickens while having no worries on heat restrictions - one of the best things exclusive to CI2.
I can’t wait to host Multiplayer events with this.

The old soundtrack for CI2 should also be avaliable in the Store too.

Rate my idea! (5 = best party ever, 1=bad bad bad)
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PS: If you rated anything other than 5, let me know why by leaving a reply.
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


Cool I guess

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This was good until you said that waves with zones are banned yet phoenixes aren’t. Neither existed in ci2. And phoenixes are tied to overheating, which is what you wanted to get rid of for this anniversary mission. Meanwhile banning waves with zones just means you will miss out on a lot of waves you could have tried with no overheating. So imo it should be the opposite of what you suggested, ban phoenixes and keep waves with zones. Or just keep both.


I don’t really want chickens to be removed from a game titled Chicken Invaders,
no matter how coolant-consuming they can be.

Plus having them wouldn’t affect much gameplay-wise as having any other kind of chicken that can be obliterated by the no heat generation thing.
You just lose that endless streak of destruction for a while if you’re not using coolants.
(It’s a party gamemode but if there’s not much danger it’s not as much fun)

Waves with zones though, shouldn’t be in the gamemode since that kind of gameplay design didn’t exist back then - which would make the celebration feel way off.

PS: following the logic of “removing all chickens that didn’t exist in CI2” would leave you with so little enemies to obliterate through that it just didn’t feel that much fun.
Believe me, I also thought of these cases very clearly before I posted this.

Neither did overheating. I don’t get your point here.

Yes, that’s why I suggested just keeping both. I am not sure why you didn’t just do that in the first place. Removing waves with zones feels totally unnecessary in my eyes.

The main idea is to try and make it feel like CI2 as close as possible with as little work as possible for IA - who didn’t even plan on this whole celebration thing in the first place.

Which is exactly why I didn’t ask for the overheat bar to be removed, as doing so specifically for a game type might be too much for an event IA didn’t plan on, but rather to workaround it by giving weapons no additional heat on these kinds of levels - which is alot easier for IA since they have level types which reduces heat generation, so similar code can be used here without creating too much extra work patching out all the bugs. (I mean, 5% > 100% … not that hard to do)

Removing levels / adding new levels to the generator is also pretty easy to do for IA, as
IA’s gotten used to the codes for that at this point after adding tons of them.

And since the zones didn’t exist then … yeah.

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Okay but why wouldn’t you want to experience as many waves as possible with weapons that can’t overheat? Okay, sure, it’s more consistent with ci2, but I don’t see why you’d want less as opposed to more waves where you could have fun. It’s not like the mission has to be 100% faithful to ci2 anyways. I mean, you’re only removing any heat generation there is for all weapons, nothing else. If everything else will be the same as it currently is in ciu, then I don’t see why zones are such a huge thing that their waves absolutely must be removed. And following the logic of zones not existing in ci2, well neither did zoom out or ship rotation. There are probably more examples of this which I can’t remember right now, but you get the point. Overall, it just feels not only unnecessary, but you’re just making the mode less fun by removing a bunch of waves.

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When I pick and choose which kind of levels should be added to fit CI2’s gameplay style, the main goal was for it to feel like CI2 as close as possible. It doesn’t have to be 100% like CI2, but it must not feel too far away from it.

While rotations and zoom-outs didn’t exist in CI2, yes, I left these in anyway because in design, they didn’t feel too far away from CI2. Rotations just happened when someone wanted to play CI2 with a different screen rendering rotation. Zoom-outs? The playing field just got bigger.

Zones on the other hand …
Most waves containing zones limit the player’s area of activity, which is not something you’d see in CI2. It feels completely off design-wise, and was the immediate type of level I thought to remove when I considered which wave should be in this celebratory mode.

I could remove all level types that didn’t exist in CI2, but like the chicken problem, you’d be left with so little level types that it felt repetitive and boring pretty fast.
(Which ironically is more like CI2’s repetitive levels, but you get the point)

PS: “feel like CI2” vs actually being like CI2 are 2 different things.
If I wanted to celebrate CI2 on its 20th birthday with all its features … I’d just play CI2.

Also, yes “it didn’t exist back then” is still one valid statement,
but I somehow forgot about the other types of levels when I wrote that, so that got fixed.

It’s pretty important to pick and choose which ones to add in quality game design.
Left 4 Dead 2 went from having several dozen additional Specials down to only 3 new ones.
Game’s still pretty fun though.

Boron railgun on its way to become even more trash:


Anyway guys if you have more suggestions on this idea in particular, do let me know.
Did some edits on the main post to reduce some of the more … misleading descriptions.

With no heat up, some weapon doesn’t work as its normally do, and well, take plasma riffle as 1st example, if it cooled down forever, isn’t it too OP since this is the highest damage per shot of riffle series in this game.
2nd: Boron Railgun in CIU take heat engagement to increase its damage output. No overheat? It become the same as Moron Railgun, but faster.
This idea isn’t quite bad, but something might not work as we want if no overheat is on.
Anyway, 4/5 points!

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