Sideways Chaining Weapon (opposite of Absolver Beam and Plasma Rifle...kind of)

This is based off a special weapon in Star Defenders 3. That weapon shoots a fireball which chains to nearby enemies horizontally as well as vertically on its way down.

My idea is a bit different.

This ordinary present weapon picks a target vertical from the player and then horizontally adjacent targets (with an angle leniency of up to 30 degrees or so) and attacks them. If it runs out of targets or can’t find any, it just stops. A new click is needed to restart it.

The weapon does not instant kill targets but burns them slowly, and the more enemies it is hitting at once, the weaker it is. It also overheats fast.

The reason to suggest this weapon is as an inverse of the absolver beam, which is excellent at penetrating columns and vertical defenses but useless against horizontal defences and groups (e.g. Centipede).

It’s a weird idea, and doesn’t really fit that well as it is somewhat fixed in its attack. But I thought it’s an idea to inspire other weapons that might better solve ‘horizontals’ and rows of enemies.


This can be a Special Weapon.

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I don’t remember such a weapon, or even any that does anything on its way down because none of the superweapons go down in the first place. Can you clarify? Just cuz I’m curious which weapon it is. Maybe name it if you can.

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Updated a bit. Don’t have any pictures rn, sorry

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