Should i get a rx 570 or gtx 1650

can u reply plz thx ok

idk cuz actually those are better than mine :,V

I prefer GTX 1650

Most games support nvidia cards, so I would suggest nvidia too…

Definitely choose GTX card.
Sure, Radeons are much cheaper, but GTX cards have better performance. (I generally prefer Nvidia)
I have Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, but GTX 1650 will work just as fine. I mean, GTX have much worse performance than RTX, but if you’re going to play less requireing games, then GTX 1650 will do.

the rx 570 is slightly better than the gtx 1650

Depends, if you have work that strictly depends on CUDA cores I’d say go for GTX 1650. For games though…well you might wanna compare performance per watt as well.

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But you need a powerful PSU to handle it.

Dude how much FPS can I get with GTX 1650 on Fortnite?




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