Should Henterprise, Egg Cannon & Egg City drop coins when destroyed!

As far as I remember, bosses that drop coins are:
Mysterious Ship, Robotic Crabs, UCOs, even Yolk Star and Bossa Nova.
So should Henterprise in Hend Game, Egg Cannon and Planetary Egg City drop coins as well?
(Blast from the past and shoot the core also don’t drop coins)
Would that be a good change?

Well they do already drop gifts and atoms, so I don’t think it’s necessary, maybe Egg City could drop coins though, the rest I don’t know


Honestly, not a fan of bosses dropping coins as they make bombers even more unviable in most missions since they’re slower. No thanks


not necessarily there should be differences all around

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I’m gonna say I don’t wanna know

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Well I suggested for the Egg canon to drop coins when destroyed and it was denied.

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