Shoot the core and Bossa nova boss in Double Team

Hi everyone LMK.ChraskysussyVN is here, this is my first topic so everyone please understand.
So as I see in double team mission there is no Shoot the core and Bossa nova boss in there, here is my idea to add them in:
We can add them to double team mission and it need to be:
-They have to be in the same direction
-Use the max zoom out
-They can appear left and right
-When the wave start, Bossa nova only use 1 attack is summon supernova debris
-When you destroy the 5th column (50% → 75%), 4th column (75% → 100%), 3rd column (101%>) of barriers, bossa nova will attack all of it skill.

That all of my idea about add Shoot the core and Bossa nova boss in Double Team I hope they can add to Double Team mission too make it more interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:


looks harder than i thought


Do you have a license?

Sadly, I don’t have. This is just a idea.

Im going to ask someone contact me first then I will ask if he/she can gift me it

They are not needed there

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Well, firstly, the Bossa Nova is very large, and secondly, the Apple-Core have pedals

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@FridayFunkinSussyVN What do you say to that?

Disagree, why? Because double team will be more complicated and it will be harder for the dev team to include that


This is just make it more interesting

eh not really it’ll just be yet another pair of bosses, oh joy

also the nightmares ia is going to have when trying to fit two giant ass bosses that were designed for one extremely large field


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