Ship Name

Hello, when I first started playing the game, I changed the ship’s name for the guest account, then I gradually understood how to play and was able to link the mail, but when I changed the ship’s name, that name was already used even though I was delete the ship in the previous guest account, now how can i set the old ship name?

Thanks all

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If I remember correctly, ship’s name can be the same as other ship’s name. Do you mean the callsign? These are not per ship but per account, so if your old account is still active you won’t be able to use it unless you either rename the old one by yourself or ask to reset it/remove the old account.

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You can have similar names if you own more than one ships though, for this instance, you can name the other ship you own, using the same name that you put on your first ship.

But inappropriate ship names (or even callsign names) may result to your account being removed. Its from the Terms of Service

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