Ship Customizing

Add a dealership for test driving new Ships. Like Aftermarket etc., a dealership could be organized. A set price could be made. you must have keys or maybe coins to enter and enough to pay for what you wish to test. Locations would be placed as Space Burger is. Randomly. Offered would be wing shapes, and body styles. Weapon pod styles can be chosen as well. Set up a ship in any configuration you can afford. you may buy or just try a ship. you will be given a chance to fly a mission of your choice. the score has no effect on any standings. Just a thought… Be Well All…


Sounds good but the only real difference I’ve been able to notice with the ships is the amount of satelites you can equip :facepunch::rooster:

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I agree. This is why options could become available. Different weapon, satelite, wing, body style, colour, can be set up at the dealership, tested, and decided upon. It would also add another dimention to the shady dealer aspect of the galaxy. All manufacturers have their own dealership, also used ships may be traded at other outlets or at the dealerships.Be Well…

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