Sharing your keys with friends and Reward for extra powerups


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You already get points for collecting them.


Maybe you don’t like your friends.

Only getting a few points is not what we deserve.
[From my perspective]


My relationſhips aſide, it juſt doeſn’t ſeem like a great feature to be able to give keys to random people. I mean, it’d ſort of make ſenſe if there were ſtuff to trade, but that’s really not the point of the game.

You alſo raiſe your reſulting firepower after a hypothetical death. Call it virtuäl life inſurance. Alſo, if it’s not worth the trouble, then don’t collect powerups.


I also get the feeling that many random people would beg you for keys if you could actually gift keys. It would be quite annoying.


Yeah yeah I got it.
This idea is bullshit.


I think it would be good give them to a contact.


I…don’t think so…