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It should be a 40-wave mission though.


And you’re triggered by asteroid going to fast as possible and you can’t realize it’s coming


My microguns are ready for these asteroid waves. The UCO’s the real deal here.


No it’s not, they nerfed it too much so you literally can’t die to it, well if you’re new player you may die to it’s lasers, but it doesn’t slam into you anymore. :frowning:


It’s max diff + SSH, hence the meme. (pls look at the pic)

The UCO may refer to the saucer itself and not the tentacles. They still cover the remaining bottom of the screen.


It still does do that.


On highest difficulties still can go low. Don’t you remember how happy you were when they re-added it?


I found hell in Chicken Invaders 1.


Dafuq was that?


Why do you use the expression “triggered” instead of “angry” or “upset” or “frustrated”?


The UCO may slap you if you weren’t aware enough…

I mean ultra-instinct mode activated.



That is “Heracles” and not Hercules


Both Heracles and Hercules refers to the same individual. Heracules is the greek form and Hercules in the roman form.





Disciple in a nutshell



We need BUMPING meme.


Huh. I’m honored.


Just found on reddit this template
I had to do this