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Ur ship THICK?!


I’m genuinely wondering if this constitutes an r/woooosh or not.

Whatever I cbf to think rn.


Haha,interesting how he didn’t also mention that those eggs aren’t in wave 3.



New weapon shop? (Memecepcion)






Chicken Invaders memes

Top ten photos taken before disaster


Based on a true story

Me after the number 1 disaster


It bothers me a little bit that the UCO is so small now. But I like that CI3 bosses are finnaly here.


10/10 would play

Also check out this guy’s “Spore as a Pitiful Worm” series, it’s really fun to watch.


Someone tryin’ to recreate our game? We’ll take 'em down for sure!!


YongYea wants to know your location.


Except it kinda isn’t.

I have no idea why it seems smaller, but the sprites are still the same size.


Maybe because of 16:9 instead of 4:3? I’ve never played 16:9 CI3 except smartphones.


That’s what I thought, until I started comparing my screenshot to other 16:9 screenshots and recordings.

The previous games didn’t actually run in 16:9 so maybe this is why (but even then, I don’t think the difference should be this big, since 5:3 is 15:9).


Well, guns are smaller, arms are shorter, base a bit smaller too on your picture. I think this is the reason.


Thing is, both new and original sprites are the same size.