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OMG, It’s so shitty video, but I laugh every time I remember it. Masterpiece.




Let’s make this a meme.

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Thats our neighbour.


Well I mean they’re not wrong.

EDIT: This is actually pure gold


The beſt part is that they actuälly liſt the right anſwers in the ſource code.
And yes, it doeſn’t get much better than that.


yes yes yes


If only emerald and I played…


he he “if” …number 1 is number 1 no matter what!
I did it fair and square!!!
and by the way when I play the daily challenge I allways made the top 10


Well… yeah, it’s 1, but it’s not the same.
For example 1st place out of 10 players is worse than 1st place out of 15 players.


wherever :zipper_mouth_face: just forget about it


Why is this in memes again?


I made top 3 almost every time. Orandza and Emerald are everytime over me or some random guy(its very rare anomaly when i am on the first place). Or i rage quit because of some levels that i hate on daily’s: High speed chase, overaching chickens(egg-ships and chickenauts) and ect. Im so angry that the ‘‘Intermediate’’ challenge is actually harder than the ‘‘Hard’’ challenge.


How 'bout the Yolkstar™ level?
It’s not on the daily challenges though.


It was yesterday.


Narrator: There is only one thing on his mind…
Recruit: I’m hungry!
InterAction Studio: CUT!


The Ultimate Weapon


I’m sorry to tell you this but…


This is the real ultimate weapon


Nah fam.


Never saw a banana before?