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When you try to do a boss rush at 100% difficulty


Guys! Have you ever wanted a…unknown-11 ?


Well… the game gives you your very first for free


I can’t be the only one… right?


New meme template! Loading pro tips from IA
Fell free to use it



Color of the template you filled isnt same colour as background. Oof


I just noticed…
This happens when you make templates on a phone…




Why everyone use GD font?


Because it’s a great font


#238 and
There are similarities


this henterprise battle looks like a easy mode touhou battle though.


I don’t know how to edit images, so help me make a meme base on this:

  • Playing Weekly Challenge perfectly on 99 waves, no lives lost, no satellites, no superweapons.

  • Wave 100: The Yolk-Star™ with 6 cannons


7 would be better prob.


Well… this suit it


I ran boss rush with 1 life all the way.


“I’m getting paid for doing absolutely nothing all day”


If only I was in the WOT community should I understand… or they just don’t balance anything and have that premium ammo system.

  1. Superheavies without weakspots (which encourages gold ammo spam, of course).

  2. The matchmaker black hole that keeps uptiering tier VIII tanks 90% of the time.

  3. The Pz. II J existing (yes, I own one and no, I don’t regret it. It still should be given weakspots tho).

And more things that I honestly can’t be bothered to mention or think about.