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Better make a category named “Crap”
Some people won’t understand the fact…you know…

no we shouldn’t
wanna get banned again like last time?

I was never banned :smirk:

Yes you were, you first account was banned, and now you made an alt
Have fun being banned, I guess.

You’re still screwed :smirk:

how dare you say that to me.

Sure, whatever you mean by this.
I personally prefer to be bolted, but to each his own, I guess.

Now what is GgWw1175 supposed to mean?

are you talking about me?

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Riveted is better in my opiniön, eſpecially if they’re hot rivets on a cold winter’s day.

What is that idiot doing again


yeah what is he doing anyway?

Presumably she was talking about you

Interestingly, if you were a tank crewman in WWII you’d very likely prefer your armour to be welded instead of it being riveted or bolted.
Though, in some situations, it would be more favourable to be in any tank than to be in no tank at all.

[EDIT] In order to comply with the original purpose of this thread:


" Bro You Just Posted Cringe, You Are Going To Lose Subcriber "

he just posted a random gif