Send here useful location with all shops (or without 1-2)

Global map for help

But 2 minus of this place: No Space Burger and No Fortune Teller
Adephagia located Under Eunomia, have Fortune Teller

Space Burger located a little bit far

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Sorry, i don’t send location with all shops.

Secret information ?

There’s no secret information.
I don’t have it.
I’ll reply for morse code.
And decode it.

This star system has all shops (I was shocked when first saw it)
Edit:You’re not dreaming

You won’t believe it, I accidentally found this place before I looked at it

It happend because in this place I not explored Asteroid Belt (I explored all Galaxy, but After Regeneration of University 2019, IA added Asteroid Belt)

As far as I remember, that place also has a wormhole nearby. Great place, shame I didn’t have the keys for EHS.

Dude you just bump this topic

U mean this one?

Yes. Also sorry :sweat_smile:

Sorry but what collision is that