I am really curious about this.

Chicken Invaders Universe is like a compilation of the content from CI 3,4,5.
Sure, CI 3,4 and 5 have stories, but ripping your own content from the other games kinda makes those games sell harder now.

What I am trying to say is, with the game content from the previous games, it’s very likely that those games will sell harder now since the content is/will be present in CIU too, therefore, many people would think “Why should I purchase this when I can play the game with the same content for free?”.

I doubt iA can’t manage their money or that they didn’t think of this, but I was just curious about this topic and how it could ruin sales for the other games, more or less, in my opinion.
Sure, the Holiday versions will still be unique but the content of the original game is still ripped into CIU.

you forgot that there will be CI2 content soon

I didn’t know about that, while that would certainly make CIU even more awesome, it will rip CI2 too.

even thought this wasn’t confirmed by IA or anything, i think there will be CI1 waves added

The reason is because they want new players that NEVER played CI.
Here’s what will happen from my point of view:

  1. Most of the casual players will not play this game, @Karizaki tell it clearly why. Also there are players who love the humor in the game and without cutscenes they will quit too.
  2. I dont know how many new players will come. But they will like it, because the challenges in the missions are really good, its a MMO spin-off and i hope that CIU will do great sells and this can help on IA to evolve.
  3. ??? Well some casual players will quit, the forum players(active players) will play it for sure and the new ones will appear, but its important to not let them go with memory of spaming Chickenauts, Egg-ship chickens and gatling guns or idk. I think that this risk with this game will be worth it.