Selectable powerups during mission

The biggest issue when playing CIU is whenever you have the powerups but don’t have the one you need during certain missions, like some missions I want to use mines or missiles but I have the dimensional phase out in the way that I don’t need but I would have to waste it so I can get to the powerup I need. I think it should be numbered on the keyboard, like 1 for mines, 2 for phase outs, and 3 for missiles, and so on, that way it’s easier to use each.

You mean a way to select your special weapon without wasting them? It’s a good idea, but it was already suggested.

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Well it’s been so long I never saw it lol

Sad, many people just want this to be a thing (including me) because how infuriating this is.


Those are called Special Weapons.

Plus, this game will be released on mobiles…
So, I don’t think that IA will add it.

I agree, but it’s already been suggested lots. It’s best for you to just stick with phase outs to make up for that.

Phaseouts are quite affordable, and they’re also very versatile. Not to mention 5 seconds of invuln pretth much lets you do what you need for that period of time. Food collecting, key collecting, damage rushing, escaping a tight situation, or just straight up giving an epic wave the middle finger.

Phase Outs are really good, you can pretty much use them for a lot of situations. Although, it’s better to practice getting used to dodging bullets, rather than relying on Special Weapons to actually win.

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Mobile port

so nah

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