Secret Tips For Selling Food At SPACE BURGER!

You will need a calculator:
-Step 1: Grind for food (2 months for beginner, 1 month for immediate and 2-3 weeks for advanced)
-Step 2: Use the GOLDEN FORMULA (take the keys you will get by selling and divide it by the amount of food you have and get the result, then comparing it to the GOLDEN NUMBER 0.075)
+If it is close or equal or larger then you, my friend are making big money with exponential profits (1)
+If it is not even close, say, about 0.070 then you should not sell (huge mistakes made by beginners)
-Step 3: Go around the galaxy to find an ideal SPACE BURGER to sell
-Step 4: Repeat.exe has been activated

(1): Say, you have 80000 food and you will get 6000 keys back. You apply the formula, take 6000:80000 and you get 0.075 which is equal to the GOLDEN NUMBER meaning it is time to sell!


  • Useful as hell!!!
  • Dumb idea. PERIOD

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NOTE: I have tried running numbers with Price Insight and the formula is 100% correct

And what is the point of using the Golden Formula™ (ugh) if we have the price insight - a purchase that has the specific purpose of telling you what the price fluctuations are?
You’ll be spending more keys on fuel than you’ll gain by chancing upon a Space Burger that’ll buy from you for more if you just fly around the galaxy trying to find one blind. You’d be better off selling to whichever one you come across first rather than participating in this madness.


wouldnt taking as much time to grind is better than calculating stuffs?

Then why don’t be patient for a little bit to get more without it
I get 10000 keys by selling it in one go

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Wherever you come across SB, you should do this to know when to sell
Anyway, you have a good point

well, you cant sell the exact thousand food every time

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Just an example for not-so mathy people
This is my experience you can say it’s dumb but it’s the way I do this.

so I have the amount of green food that will make me get keys. :thinking:

Alternatively, wait it out at a space burger until the price fluctuation is the way you want it if you don’t want to bother with exploration.


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