Search problem

Even if it’s removed it still show up in search
(I’m really sorry if i’m blind.)

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It’s not a problem. This exists because the topics were already made and they haven’t been categorized.

Bigger problem is that IA removed every topic with “off-topic” category instead of closing it.


yep, idk why they are deleted.

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They’re not deleted, they are hidden.

I’ve made it visible again. Can someone check whether they can see the old off-topic topics, but not reply/create to them?


They are visible now.

But you can’t create new posts in “off-topic”, right?

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It didn’t show up as an option among the other categories when I tried to create a topic.


And for some reason i cant change the category of topic, what in this momento needed to be “Site FeedBack”

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Old off-topic topics categories can’t be changed.

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