Screenshot bug or not?

Sometimes i take a screenshot in the borderless mode. I decided to try take a screenshot in fullscreen mode, because i think the screenshots in fullscreen mode seems more beautiful than borderless. Results:

Yeah this is fullscreen screenshot!

This is bag or not?


Yes it’s a bag

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Oh , okay.

I already suggested but IA cannot fix it.

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However you can press F9 to take a screenshot in fullscreen mode. To find the screenshot you have to go to your save data.

They should be exactly the same.

How are you taking screenshots? Try WinKey + PrintScreen . That works even in fullscreen (for me).

(The screenshot is automatically saved to a PNG file in Pictures\Screenshots folder.)


Ye i tried that but seems like Xbox game bar from Microsoft does not support fullscreen mode of this game for some reason so that might be a reason why you get white screen

Try turning DVR in Xbox settings off if you have it on for some reason. When I installed Windows 10 DVR was the root of every problem I had with games.

By Xbox settings I mean this thing, not “Xbox companion”

But it doesn’t work in my device. :confused:

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Oh, it’s fixed!

IA , thank you! Earlier i used CTRL + Printscreen and i paste in photoshop and i export as PNG
I used your keys and take screenshot in fullsreen succsesfuly :smile:

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