Schlüssel/Key Drop Rate

Kommt es mir so vor, oder ist der Schlüssel drop Extrem Runtergesetzt worden nach dem update 36???

Is it only my experience, or the key drop rate is extremely downgraded???


Play a key Rush, there are more possibly what you get more keys

Atm i flay true 3-4 waves o get a Key. On the daily missions i got between 20-30 now i can reach 20 key drop. No the best Update at all. Or at least thats my opinion

Wegen dieses (because of this)

Oh, du bist Elfkiller? Ich sehe dich sehr oft auf Tages-Herausforderungslisten - dies passiert wenn du zu lang auf einer Welle bist. Ich sehe auch, dass deine Missionszeit viel länger als die anderer ist, und das ist nicht wie man Tages-Herausforderungen spielt.

Oh, you’re Elfkiller? I see you very often in Daily Challenges - this happens when you spend too much time on a single wave. I also see that your mission time is much longer than anyone else’s on the Daily Challenge, and that’s not how you play them.

(I hope the german text is fine, I’m still learning)

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Its perfect :wink:. But i have a question. Isnt that a kind of strategy to do a High Score. After all its up to us if we rush true 20 waves in 20 minutes or in 2 hour?

You might take a bit longer to time a pecking order or something like that, but straight up farming is a bit of a loss on your side because you’re spending much more time on a single wave and getting almost no value out of it when you could finish it twice as fast and play another mission after that. It’s technically a valid strategy to do so but it’s also the most boring way to get the highest score. You might sometimes want to try other fun strategies, such as this (BX9 with Plasma on Hard Daily)

(sorry for low video quality, yt downsampled it from 720p60 to this crappy garbage)

A lot of players complained about this strategy (and using Mass Condensers in Space Race) so it is decided that it is no longer a valid strategy to intentionally farm keys to get first place medal (it’s not just because it’s “boring”, it’s the medal that is a serious problem).

However, InterAction Studios did not make any changes to Space Race yet.

What do you mean?

he means @Elfkiller should talk in english.

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