Save progress

I have an idea for the future, so that from the 8th version of the early access the game would record our progress. Obviously, some statistics like keys or medals are saved. I would like the game to also write weapons (power, number of molecules) something like that, this is a game after the harvested the weapons I had before, when I enter another mission, I just reset and I have to collect everything from scratch._

Just equip weapons in the inventory.

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That completely ruins the idea of buying and upgrading weapons. And not to mention that it lets players start with hundreds,and even thousands of firepower. Not a good thing,at all.

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I know it too, but I thought about something like that. What if the waves would be more difficult and the bosses would be stronger even after saving the weapons. Shortly speaking. We save our weapons, these bosses and waves are more difficult.

And once again,that idea absolutely destroys the point of buying and upgrading weapons. So,uh,no thanks.

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Yes.This is absolutely amazing idea.[/quote]77777

Hahaha. No. It seems kinda broken. The mechanics that are set right now seem fair enough. I don’t see a reason to change them completely like that.

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How change your opinion my post?Hmph.


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Number of molecules :ok_hand: