Save my CIU data in another device

I have a new pc and I need to save all of my data in that pc, do anyone know how to do it?

You can save your account by link it to an email

Is use a account on 2 devices are ok?
And how do I link my account into another device?

I save all of my file in drive and then log in my main account with the new pc and all the file is still in my drive, I install all of them and then extract it, open the extract file, copy all of them. Go to program data (click Organize->Folder and search options->View->Show hidden files, folders and drives) go to Program data->InterAction->CIU->ia, paste all the file in there, open the game. Still not work? Close the game, delete the latest version of the file final open the game again, it will create another folder in there with your progress (latest one)

this is the old way for guests, just link your email bro

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idk how to link so I must use this old way. I don’t want my account will be gone.

just press change email and put your email in lol

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