Save file lost

As there others in the game, i fall in the same trap with computer reinstall… and lost my save data, no backup. Is there a way to contact up with a moderator who can help with that, or some kind of solution?
Please help.

Yes, the moderator of the game, who is also the moderator of this forum, is @InterAction_studios. Click on this name and use the Message button to ask them for help.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will get back your data in this case, because during Early Access you have to backup your progress on your own.

@R3xXx4L How much have you progressed in the game?

Around a week.

A week is not even that much, just remember to backup the ProgramData next time. What is your current tier and score by the way?

Fortunately, I did get my progress back. You can see in my topic which I created some days ago. Forgot to back up my save files, so I lost my progress. IF you contact InterAction_Studios and explain it to them, you will have your account back in 1-2 days. You must remember the callsign of the old account and have a callsign on the new account, so they can swap files!

rank 30 and around 700mill score.

wow, that’s very nice. It’s sound cooler than me
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