Satellite complex

By confirming you are facing the problem of assembling his satellites right after your death, but with this item he can assemble all of his satellites in one moment

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Just go fast.

This could be good, giving me a “not great, not bad” way. But when you use your bought-in satellites and you depleted them, you have to get lucky to find a satellite safe which is very low. Good idea but with too few waves that give out satellites the item won’t get full use out of it

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If it acted like coolant canisters (activation–>consumed) then it’s good.
If it’s permanent then Skill Issue
If it’s a superweapon then it’s situational and mostly useless (but I would rather prefer it this way)

This is just example
and also when you blow up the safe it will attract it directly
automatic as coolants canisters

Firstly you should really try to fix your English. Secondly i assume it won’t work during multiplayer when the other player with satellites die?

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Mate, he tried. But gg translate doesn’t wanna understand which situation we are talking about.
of course it not as worst as Grammarly

I’m 16 years old so I’m bad speaking language i well try finish it and use my brain

It’s a bit redundant as we have fast-recovery, longer-recovery, and phase-out. But it would be nice. A magnet for satellites perhaps?

Ok if you’re real BAD at english, lemme fix your sentence with proper grammar and words to let you understand the mistake that you made:

I’m 16 years old so I’m bad “at” speaking language i “will” try “to” finish it and use my brain
the “.” is for indicates things that you either got wrong or didn’t get added when it should
you’re welcome


If you want use a grammar website and let it correct your sentence

You will master the language as long as you continue to speak with it in different societies.


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