Satelite with Liquid nitrogen or (Freezer)


You can freeze your enemies !
Limit: After 20 seconds, enemy unfreeze
Bosses,Barriers have immunity


I dont think that i see this for the first time :thinking:


Not with visualizations on this level (great, I love it), but yeah there was something similar - Interesting ideas for CIU “Frost Helper”.
There was probably some more, but only this is in my “IA loved ideas list” topic.


Oooooh I like it!! It would be useful against tough enemies like Chickenauts.
Maybe it could also slow down bosses for a few seconds? They would turn blue for a short while (maybe about 3-4 seconds per shot) and during that time they would move and attack a bit slower, making the fight somewhat easier.
Some bosses could also be immune to the cold. The Ice Golem shouldn’t be affected, for example.