Santa Chicken

This giant chicken is dressed like Santa. Periodically, he will toss presents at you.

If he decides you’ve been nice, the presents will give you power ups.

However, most of the time he’ll decide you’ve been naughty and the presents will explode. So you’ll want to stay away from them just in case.

He’ll also toss hot coals at you, or sometimes, a giant candy cane. This chicken happens to have a sweet tooth…which is weird since chickens don’t have teeth.

And yes, he happens to like frozen planets. Perhaps that’s where you can find one of his workshops. It’s not a toy workshop though, it’s a workshop of death. For humans. Though perhaps it still gives toys to chickens. Even though they’ve all been naughty by our standards. shrug


its almost like the infini-chick christmas edition in CI4, but you said that the attacks are different

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