Sandbox practice area for playing individual waves

Build a sandbox area for playing individual waves.

Assumption : Internally a wave id is assigned for each wave type, normal or boss.

  1. When viewing the outcome screen display the wave names and id’s played in that mission.
  2. Within the Player > Missions > Recent section, when viewing the outcome screen show all the wave names and id’s played in that mission.
  3. Within Player > Missions, Create a separate screen where user can type wave id, and dropdowns below to select difficulty and weapon type. Plays are not counted against medals / points.
  4. Allow user to favorite a wave not just a mission
  5. On selecting a favorited wave user is shown the screen mentioned in pt. 3 prepopulated with the wave id
  • The first use-case where this helps will be to allow users to build proficiency on harder waves within a mission instead of having to play the mission from the start.
  • The second scenario is for the daily / league challenges when a loss on a specific wave is because they were encountered the first time.
  • Players can note down the wave id and play it using the feature mentioned in pt.3 so the next time they encounter the wave they are better prepared with a strategy.

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