Robotic space crab v2

For the ROBOTIC space crab v2 boss, i reccomend a difficulty buff, so when difficulty is higher than 60-80% he should throw the chickens and suns faster depending on diffculty, and also throw more suns maybe? Might be a good idea since i think he’s too easy.


Already In-game actually

Then just the throwing more suns feature, it might be hard because you need to add more claws? or whatever they’re called to the model

Adding more arms won’t increase its difficulty if it still attacks one by one, only makes the pattern longer.

Anyway, if you change its throwing sequence not same everytime, it would be definitely harder as you not used to it.


I’m actually of the opinion that it’s hard enough as-is. Not every boss needs to be the same difficulty, in my opinion, and this one isn’t a pushover or anything unlike the CI4 Mother-Hen Ship…


On the topic of RSCv2, in my opinion it needs a small rework.
His attack pattern is alright, he just needs a better indicator for when he’s about to use his energy wave attack. Maybe his red eye should flash before he uses it?
I say this because the other Crab incarnations have no issues telegraphing through their pattern, while V2’s pattern is a lot faster and has less distinctions, and while I never once lost a single life to the other crabs due to what I perceive as unpredictability, I’ve lost dozens to the energy wave alone.

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It’s definitely a (somewhat lethal) surprise attack for new players, but because of it always does the same thing everytime, veterans just used to it. I guess it’s okay to give indicator.

Actually I do like the exception of his attack to have no indicator at all, finding it original. A good punch for newcomers to realize they never should feel as much safe as one person could within this game.

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