Robotic Alien Container Boss

Backstory: Ever wonder where’s the alien’s container from? That doesn’t matter, what’s matter now is that the chicken has seen this vulnerability of the alien container and has revamped it to become a fighting warrior, a robotic fighting warrior… Watch out where you lurking, if you see a container that shakes, that’s mean you met it…

Basic Info:
Health: 475000
Music: CIU Boss Theme
Appearance: It’s an Alien Container that rapidly shakes before it’s forming it’s hands and it’s head by gathering all alien container from other sources to it, when the head is connected, the valve like wheel will start to spin, revealing the glowing head before the battle begins with the boss gain microguns, barbequer, ICBM pods and Bird-Flu Gun at it’s arms and shoulders. The battle will be zoomed to 150%.

Container Punch: The Robotic Alien Container will attempt to crush you using it’s metallic hands.

Microgun Wave: The Robotic Alien Container will then use it’s 2 microgun mounted on the arms and then shoots to the side of the Hero to lock them before moving it left and right in attempt to kill the Hero.

Barbequer Hell: The Robotic Alien Container then will use their mounted barbequer on their hands to burn the ship. Burning will not destroy the ship but it will make your spaceship quickly overheats to prevent you shooting. They also destroy your attacks as well.

Infection Flu: The Robotic Alien Container then proceed to shoot 12 bird-flu gun on you. Coated on the flu will attract Toxic Chickens to your position until 8 seconds passed.

Finally: ICBM Launch: The Robotic Alien Container will launch 4 ICBMs into 4 random area on the screen. A dot circle like one you see from Dr.Beaker will appear to notify the player to stay on area that doesn’t have the circle covered. The attacks will last 3 times.

Then the cycle repeats.

Weakness: Lightning Fryer
Strength: Corn-Shotgun, Utensil Poker, Laser Cannon.

Drops: 50 coins dropped, 1 firepower, all 4 satellites is released.


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