Riot Police Chicken

Desc: Riot Police Chickens are commonly known to keep peace for the chickens while as well surpressing those who oppose the henpire. After dozen of chicken’s population declined in the past 100 years, the Riot Police Chickens has listed the Hero and the UHF into the chicken wanted list and as well prepared for an upcoming raid on the UHF at anytime. They can also riot on any regional stores they saw suspicious, so better pack up your gun or you get packed up by them!

Basic Info:
Health: 1000 (all difficulty) 2500 (shield health)

Appearance: It’s a chicken with pudgy or military breed, wearing helmet, heavy armor, black police uniform while carrying a shield and a baton.

Behavior: The Riot Police Chicken cannot be normally be found on regular gameplay and instead they are seen wandering around space and the hub. On rare occasions, they will attempt to riot a regional store in a random solar system in order to take away rare goods that they considered to be “illegal” by the chickens (like rare or legendary items). When entering a regional store that got riotted by the Riot Police Chicken, a message will say “The store is currently being riotted, interfering it will result in battling with the Riot Police Chicken. Are you sure want to intervene?” and the Option Yes and No will appear. Clicking Yes will make you immidiately go the the “Chicken Riot!” waves which will contain x amount of waves depends on how IA think about it while clicking No will make your ship dismount from the regional store and prepared to travel to another area. If there are no regional store nearby, the chickens will instead, hunting for any active player in the region they’re “working”. Once they saw you enter their “regconization zone” which about 150 studs, they will begin to chase on you and when you arrived on a planet or any other area, the chicken will block you attemping to dock near the planet or the store then a “Chicken Riot!” waves will begin immediately. They can sometimes swoop down near your ship and use their baton to bash your ship. If you carry a satellites, they will immidiately snatch it away from you and flee very fast. If 5 baton hits your ship, it’ll crash. They will also have their shield raised when a riot begins, chip the shield away and you should be fine beating them. Drops nothing other than atomic powerup and gifts.

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