Right Click-abilty

Ok so here me out. This is a good idea, think about it. There could be many uses for a right click in the game.

Maybe perhaps it could be to right click in your spacecraft loadout and unequip or replace something?

Maybe we could right click a planet (not in the star system you are currently in) and see its statistics without travelling to the star system the planet lies in?

There are many such ideas for a right click in the game. Post your ideas for a right click in this thread because we seriously need to brainstorm this!

Also lemme remind you that discord also had the same idea as well.


Respect mobile players bro

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Oh right. Maybe press and hold to bring up the menu?

You can double click to unequip


Really? Never knew that

See this is the reason we need a right click. No one knows these shortcuts (or at least me)

Yes .

As others have mentioned, I am reluctant to add right-click in the UI because it will not work on touchscreens or mobile.


Oh, its fine IA. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Also this is the second time you replied on my threads. Thanks!

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