Ridiculously high weapon prices


lol i think it’d be pointless if i still keep fighting on this coding topic

Agreed. I work for my keys. It is part of the game strategy. Be well all…

Changing price of something may cause chain reaction of bad things which also includes even more balance issues, that’s why all balance discussions were very huge. Knowing how painful it is to recompile a big project, I think that prices are not hardcoded, most likely being taken from some sort of a table, like how it works with excel sheet weapon override, which can be changed pretty easily. So the main issue here is possible consequences of changing the prices.

And the weapon being “shitty” is not the problem of the price, it’s a problem of the weapon with exception of Moron Railgun.

i just want the dev to reduce the weapon upgrade prices cause they’re indeed very high. Weapon prices maybe 500.

imo base 500 keys is fine, upgrade costs should reduce to total at most 700 keys total

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Don’t forget that once you upgrade the weapons you have them maxed out forever, for any ship you have. It’s an investment for your entire playtime. Imagine if all of those items were as cheap as like 50 keys, you’d have a maxed out ship in a day or two, and you get to keep it for the rest of your playtime.

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Upgrades can be tier restricted. They can be location restricted. They can be locked to certain regional stores. There are a lot of ways to go about increasing the effort put into something without ridiculous grinding.


The balancing problem is to make them expensive enough where a full-set of upgraded weapons is still a late-game accomplishment, while getting your first to a reasonable point is something the average player shouldn’t feel daunted by.

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Balancing economy in a game is a very hard thing to do. As VerMishelb mentioned above changing the balance of economy may cause problems in ways that we did not even expect to happen. There should always be a line between what is a fair price and what is not. 500 keys for a weapon and an additional 4500(I think) for upgrades is really easy to get if you ask me. The thing is that, games need to be a bit competitive and hard to achieve something because that is what drives us to play more. I hope you understand now :slight_smile:

So if it was 1000 instead of 500, It’d be still lifetime investment. Would you say the same thing? “LIFETIME INVESTMENT” isn’t even a thing we’re talking about. I mean ofcourse it has to be lifetime since the king of p2w Asphalt and RR3 give you lifetime.

Bruh, I’ve played this game for 8 hours staright when i was pushing to tier 99. I used SSH in every single mission and once i did reached T99 from Tier 97 without spending a penny, i had earned like 3000 keys ( including Tier reward ). Btw game needs to be COMPETITIVE not p2w also to mention the fact that such hard grindings makes us to leave the game, not play more…

This is precisely the reason why their prices to their current levels. Your starting weapon is something that affects every single mission you play in a very significant way. Making everything easily accessible very early on would make the accomplishment meaningless.


Surely there are more ways to make something less accessible than buffing the key cost to the ceiling.


What about calming down on the price of upgrading? (perhaps make it cost a total of 1,500 keys or 2,000) and have weapons be tier restricted, So more and more weapons will be unlocked as you tier up? Since invasion missions aren’t tier restricted, and by the time the specific ‘‘new player’’ reaches the required tier, they would’ve already had the right amount of keys to buy that weapon, and even upgrade it.


Maybe even just a “steeper” progression would be good. Like, the lower-level upgrades should be much cheaper, but once you get to level 6-7-8 a cost not dissimilar to the current one would be ok.

Not only would the (presumably?) meet the criteria of both parties, it has the added bonus of encouraging new players to buy and spend a few upgrades on a small group of weapons, rather than just grind-it-out 'till they have one really good one and never use anything else. People are impatient, and a sizeable portion of the playerbase would likely gravitate toward whatever the cheaper purchases are - in this case, trying out a few things at mid-level upgrade before eventually settling in and investing on one.


Good point. I’ll back-load the cost to encourage experimentation.

Changed in v.80 :medal_sports: Idea


Am i getting a medal :smile:

Hmmph. I still feel a tier restrict would make things more interesting. Besides, ~4.5k keys is still an absurd amount, (seeing that the total cost remains the same), we’d be looking at a final upgrade price exceeding 1k, if I’m any judge. A simple tier restrict could vastly reduce the key cost and instead give the player an objective that isn’t “collect 10000 keys”. Given that it’s a lifetime investment, and one should unlock it at around tier 35 if I’m any judge, restricting the tier to that would give the player an incentive to tier up and also allows for more flexible key pricing as it would not be too easy for lower tier players (as they are in lower tiers) while the higher tier players won’t have to grind insanely for an upgrade they require. This is something I constantly have been telling about, since key prices can only go so high before being just impossible, placing a major constraint on end-game content.


Since @Kylo-Hen doesn’t want any more medals – sure.


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