Reworking of CIU versioning

IMPORTANT!: this is not posted to convince IA to use other versioning system. I just post it so the players can see where currently are we standing with CIU updates after 3 years. however if IA wants to switch to that versioning system then I have no complaints :wink:

I have created a new pseudo semantic versioning that focuses more on players/users of the software than developers. This way you can have your own internal versioning and the general public can more easily know which updates bring new features worth checking out.

platform vX.Y.Z.A.B.C

Explanation of certain parts

platform - site, steam, google play, iOS AppStore etc.

X - 1 is release ready, anything lower is alpha/beta/early access, higher are acceptable if enough changes warrant that or the sequel comes out

Y - major updates - some big changes, mostly new content/features

Z - minor updates - some small additions of new content/features

A - major bugfixes/tweaks - big bugfixes or tweaks that shouldn’t or can’t be missed

B - minor bugfixes/tweaks - small bugfixes or little tweaks that don’t matter too much and can be skipped

C - platform bugfixes - for platform specific bugs that only apply for them

CIU versioning reworked (not-official):

  • EA v 01 - major upd - site v0.1 (first EA version)
  • EA v 02 - minor upd - site v0.1.1 (daily and weekly top 10)
  • EA v 03 - minor upd - site v0.1.2 (new difficulty skill, hint button for shop items)
  • EA v 04 - major upd - site v0.2 (difficulty skills rework)
  • EA v 05 - major upd - site v0.3 (vulcan chaingun rework, damage amplifier, weapon tier requirements)
  • EA v 06 - minor upd - site v0.3.1 (added few HUDs, galaxy view improvements)
  • EA v 07 - major upd - site v0.4 (spaceships gun pods, heatsinks and engines working, more spaceship customization, environments groundwork)
  • EA v 08 - major upd - site v0.5 (2 remastered CI3 bosses, environmental visual effects)
  • EA v 09 - major upd - site v0.6 (4 remastered CI3 bosses, waves from CI3, boss rush missions, colorised messages/equipment and missions)
  • EA v 10.1 - minor u - site v0.6.1 (bosses buffing, 2 new exhausts, galaxy regeneration)
  • EA v 10.3 - minor b - site v0. (fixing unreasonably hard bosses)
  • EA v 11.1 - major u - site v0.7 (supply droid NPCs, droid raid, darkness and squawk block missions, considered “first community-inspired content” with medal and key rewards)
  • EA v 11.2 - major b - site v0.7.0.1 (bugfix for inaccessible droid raid missions)
  • EA v 12.1 - major u - site v0.8 (squawk block boss, retro missions, frozen environment)
  • EA v 13.1 - minor u - site v0.8.1 (exact duration and difficulty stats, added more music tracks, galaxy screen improvements, galaxy regenaration)
  • EA v 14.1 - major u - site v0.9 (contacts and notifications, comparing players option)
  • EA v 15.1 - major u - site v0.10 (space race challenge, challenges have key rewards, compare screen additions, 2 mirrored varation bosses)
  • EA v 16.1 - major u - site v0.11 (comet chase missions, medals reworking and reset, windows xp support?)
  • EA v 17.1 - major u - site v0.12 (comet chase boss, comet chase improvements, medal tweaks)
  • EA v 18.1 - major u - site v0.13 (supernova missions, supernova boss, customizable GUI)
  • EA v 19.1 - minor u - site v0.13.1 (rankings and stats screens, danger zones removal above veteran, added missing bosses to boss rush)
  • EA v 20.1 - minor u - site v0.13.2 (recent missions, mission to-do list, commenting favourite missions)
  • EA v 21.1 - major b - site v0.13.2.1 (no time delay between waves bugfix)
  • EA v 22.1 - major u - site v0.14 (asteroid belts, meteor storm missions and boss, 50% less CPU work when orbiting planets)
  • EA v 23.1 - major u - site v0.15 (squadron missions assignments)
  • EA v 24.1 - minor u - site v0.15.1 (hiding players near wormholes, planets orbiting clockwise rarely, galaxy regen, most active squadron rewards)
  • EA v 25.1 - major u - site v0.16 (anniversary mission, weapon virtuosity bonus, rare equipment changes location every 4 weeks)
  • EA v 26.1 - major u - site v0.17 (heavy bomber spaceships, new logo, maneuvering jets perishable, mission lists can now be sorted)
  • EA v 27.1 - minor u - site v0.17.1 (clucker bomb special weapon, mission randomizer reworked)
  • EA v 27.2 - minor b - site v0. (sounds frequency/pitch bugfix)
  • EA v 27.3 - minor b - site v0. (looping sounds bugfix)
  • EA v 28.1 - major u - site v0.18 (key rush missions, UTF-32 support)
  • EA v 29.1 - major u - site v0.19 (slob and toxic and coward chickens, borderless window mode)
  • EA v 30.1 - major u - site v0.20 (berserk and assassin chickens, advanced HSB color customization)
  • EA v 31.1 - minor u - site v0.20.1 (christmas edition tracks, falling snowflakes, christmas edition textures)
  • EA v 32.1 - major b - site v0.20.1.1 (drag-and-drop mission config screen)
  • EA v 32.2 - minor b - site v0. (drag-and-drop bugfix)
  • EA v 33.1 - major b - site v0.20.1.2 (removed christmas content)
  • EA v 34.1 - major u - site v0.21 (key rush missions in galaxy, squadron rewards tweaks, galaxy shows completed missions per planet)
  • EA v 35.1 - minor u - site v0.21.1 (contacts show online status, added loadMode, auto-clicker and speedhack detection)
  • EA v 36.1 - major u - site v0.22 (CI1 big chicken boss, absolver beam weapon, heat sink affects heat capacity)
  • EA v 37.1 - major b - site v0.22.0.1 (absolver beam balancing, rarity icons in fleet/paint/compare screens, reworked collision code, sorting in squadron missions, 120th anniversary music in store)
  • EA v 38.1 - minor u - site v0.22.1 (lightning fryer chaining, reworked collision code, 2 new planet textures, sound stereo panning)
  • EA v 39.1 - minor u - site v0.22.2 (easter edition content)
  • EA v 40.1 - major u - site v0.23 (reworked Ion Blaster, medals are worth points, “speedy recovery” equipment, mysterious ship has more lasers)
  • EA v 40.2 - minor b - site v0. (“unmount all” in space race crash bugfix)
  • EA v 41.1 - major u - site v0.24 (chicken exponentiality boss, egg canon canon canon boss, reworked Neutron Gun and Utensil Poker, removed easter content, rarer spaceships have better stats, improved collision accuracy)
  • EA v 42.1 - major u - site v0.25 (reworked Positron Stream and Plasma Rifle, added hero quips, inbox is split into 3 categories, added “last seen” to contacts, game now upgrades your cofiguration settings instead of resetting them to default)
  • EA v 42.2 - major b - site v0.25.0.1 (crash fix for pulsating grid and wormhole waves)
  • EA v 43.1 - major b - site v0.25.0.2 (“could not find object ID” crash fix)
  • EA v 43.2 - minor b - site v0. (fixes desyncing between client/server when game is disconnected/reconnected after losing a life to restart wave)
  • EA v 44.1 - minor u - site v0.25.1 (reworked plasma rifle p2, meteor storm can come from the bottom, customizable laser scope and strobe lights, ghost trail hardpoint)
  • EA v 45.1 - major u - site v0.26 (anomaly zones, 6 new waves, color blind mode, new spaceship paintjobs and customizations)
  • EA v 45.2 - minor b - site v0. (text overlap in options menu)
  • EA v 46.1 - minor u - site v0.26.1 (new paintjobs, auto mount of equipment, mutiple color themes support, binary stream wave, plasma rifle AoE)
  • EA v 47.1 - major u - site v0.27 (reworked photon swarm, removal of session randomness from waves and bosses, 1 new wave variation, assassins chickens have a visual difference)
  • EA v 48.1 - major u - site v0.28 (reworked riddle, vulcan chaingun, laser cannon, boron railgun, moron railgun, corn shotgun, lightning fryer; 4 weapon gift recolors, top pilots in hall of fame, new exhaust type from CI3)
  • EA v 49.1 - major b - site v0.28.0.1 (no-overheat bugfix)
  • EA v 50.1 - major u - site v0.29 (top squadrons in hall of fame, competitive missions rework, removed manual firing, replaced heat generated per volley with time to overheat in all weapons and tweaked it)
  • EA v 51.1 - minor u - site v0.29.1 (weapon data can be overridden by external spreadsheet file, weapon tweaks)
  • EA v 52.1 - major u - site v0.30 (25 new waves, weapon training challenge missions)
  • EA v 53.1 - major u - site v0.31 (3 environments affect gameplay, feather fields missions and feather brain boss, weekly missions made into hybrids, weapon overhaul)
  • EA v 54.1 - minor u - site v0.31.1 (refactored weapons into classic and chargeable, feather fields bugfixes and environment tweaks, environment appearing in daily medium and hard challenges)
  • EA v 55.1 - major u - site v0.32 (DirectX 11 support, removal of DirectX 9, reworked audio and input engines, added tutorial mission, Windows XP no longer supported)
  • EA v 55.2 - major b - site v0.32.0.1 (bugfix for keys, food and other items not dropping from enemies)
  • EA v 55.3 - major b - site v0.32.0.2 (bugfix for spacecraft tutorial appearing too much, mouse pointer moving too fast fix, music not playing correctly bigfix, fixed 10-second startup delay when running under VM)
  • EA v 56.1 - minor u - site v0.32.1 (full screen option, 19 mirrored waves)
  • EA v 57.1 - major u - site v0.33 (added account system, slight tweaks of weapons)
  • EA v 58.1 - minor u - site v0.33.1 (DirectX 11.1 support, server collects GPU/DirectX stats)
  • EA v 58.2 - minor b - site v0. (fixed startup crash under windows 8 and 8.1)
  • EA v 59.1 - minor u - site v0.33.2 (raised FPS cap to 150, enraged bosses in brothers reunited and multiplicity fights, support for banning, added terms of service and privacy policy buttons)
  • EA v 59.2 - major b - site v0.33.2.1 (fixed game kicking players out at the end of each mission)
  • EA v 59.3 - minor b - site v0. (fixed problems with music restarting on each wave)
  • EA v 60.1 - minor u - site v0.33.3 (fixed potential crash when displaying confirmation dialogs, added chicken hunter license badges, added purchasing and licensed equipment groundwork)
  • EA v 60.2 - major b - site v0.33.3.1 (galactic store UI won’t refresh properly after buying an item)
  • EA v 61.1 - major u - site v0.34 (lasergun mini boss, shady dealer NPCs, CHL available to get, ironman competition for CHL players, old christmas content again, double team boss wave)
  • EA v 61.2 - minor b - site v0. (E_NOINTERFACE error appearing for some windows 7 players bugfix)
  • EA v 62.1 - minor u - site v0.34.1 (top 10 leaderboards for all planet missions in galaxy, medals can be revoked, CHL possible to gift and badges appearing in more places, added galactic coordinates to all suns/planets)
  • EA v 63.1 - minor u - site v0.34.2 (balloon chickens)
  • EA v 63.2 - minor b - site v0. (fixed crash after searching for members to add to squadron)
  • EA v 64.1 - minor u - site v0.34.3 (game entirely controllable by keyboard/joystick/gamepad, retro background in store, chicken acrobatics wave with mirrored and other variations)
  • EA v 65.1 - major u - site v0.35 (UHF league, daily difficulties tweaks)
  • EA v 66.1 - minor u - site v0.35.1 (league matches proportionately boosted points based on score ratio, assigned few potential bosses in special missions)
  • EA v 67.1 - minor u - site v0.35.2 (pecking order revealer item, league friendly matches, league dare changes)
  • EA v 68.1 - minor u - site v0.35.3 (area measurements wave, many league fixes and tweaks)
  • EA v 68.2 - major b - site v0.35.3.1 (bugfix for not connecting correctly)
  • EA v 69.1 - minor u - site v0.35.4 (exhaust additive magic, league tweaks, difficulty tweaks)
  • EA v 70.1 - minor u - site v0.35.5 (player anonymize option, reworked TCP disconnections and overall network protocol, added “legal” button)
  • EA v 71.1 - major u - site v0.36 (community translations support)
  • EA v 71.2 - minor b - site v0. (translations bugfixes)
  • EA v 72.1 - major b - site v0.36.0.1 (translation issues bugfixes, partial right-to-left language support)
  • EA v 73.1 - minor u - site v0.36.1 (translation pluralization and right-to-left improvements, more texts being able to get localized)
  • EA v 74.1 - minor u - site v0.36.2 (full galaxy regeneration, exploration percentage reset)
  • EA v 74.2 - major b - site v0.36.2.1 (fixed not being able to travel within your spawning star system)
  • EA v 75.1 - major b - site v0.36.2.2 (installer changes, galactic store price tweaks, rtl language fixes, added initial prices to purchasable items)
  • EA v 76.1 - minor u - site v0.36.3 (prices increased by 1€, steam regional pricing support, integrated steam microtransactions, updated server development SDL and libraries, added CHL explanation button, squadron assignments include mission type)
  • EA v 77.1 - major u - site v0.37 (actual purchases of CHL and keypacks through PayPal, key packs number tweaks, old easter edition content)
  • EA v 78.1 - minor u - site v0.37.1 (pricing improvements, pricing localizations, spaceship parts have non-linear cost progression to match weapons, removed requirement of “early access” to appear in shared videos, steam release)
  • EA v 79.1 - minor u - site v0.37.2 (bugfix for Steam Proton to allow connecting, multiple wave tweaks, warning before surrendering once-only missions, translation fixes)
  • EA v 80.1 - minor u - site v0.37.3 (translation improvements, current challenges in inbox placed at top, initial weapon cost reduced in galactic store, easter content removed)
  • EA v 80.2 - major b - site v0.37.3.1 (fixed server crash when printing out negative zero)
  • EA v 81.1 - minor u - site v0.37.4 (added “pro-gamer mode” option, removed “tone-down effects” option, removed Steam DRM)
  • EA v 82.1 - major u - site v0.38 (13 new waves, 1 returning wave from CI5, alien saucer enemy, “I’ll be back” boss, groundwork for mac and mobile versions)
  • EA v 82.2 - major b - site v0.38.0.1 (fixed early bird bonus bug)
  • EA v 83.1 - minor u - site v0.38.1 (4 new waves, 1 wave reworked from CI3, UFO saucer colorized bottom LED)
  • EA v 84.1 - major u - site v0.39 (thundercluck boss - new music, new sounds, new animations, new graphics, new attacks)
  • EA v 85.1 - minor u - site v0.39.1 (thundercluck fixes, declining league dares, added thundercluck music to the galactic store)
  • EA v 85.2 - minor b - site v0. (fixed wormhole names appearing wrong)
  • EA v 85.3 - major b - site v0.39.1.1 (fixed baloon chickens disappearing when hit)
  • EA v 86.1 - major u - site v0.40 (galactic cup)
  • EA v 87.1 - minor u - site v0.40.1 (translations of galactic cup, galactic cup tutorial, galactic cup medal)
  • EA v 88.1 - major b - site v0.40.1.1 (multiplayer groundwork part 1, galactic cup key rewards for reaching certain phases, scores older than 6 months are now deleted from leaderboards during updates)
  • EA v 89.1 - major b - site v0.40.1.2 (multiplayer groundwork part 2, memory corruption bugfix)
  • EA v 90.1 - major b - site v0.40.1.3 (mutiplayer groundwork part 3)
  • EA v 91.1 - major u - site v0.41 (basic multiplayer works now, multiplayer groundwork part 4,reduced photon swarm bandwidth usage)
  • EA v 91.2 - major b - site v0.41.0.1 (mutiplayer crash fixes)
  • EA v 91.3 - major b - site v0.41.0.2 (another multiplayer crash fixes)
  • EA v 92.1 - minor u - site v0.41.1 (improvements to multiplayer, new mission outcome, photon swarm bandwidth usage reduced almost completely, contacts-only multiplayer games, updated terms of service)
  • EA v 93.1 - major b - site v0.41.1.1 (bugixes for multiplayer)
  • EA v 94.1 - minor u - site v0.41.2 (multiplayer tutorial, multiplayer text made translatable, galactic cup scoring changes, multiplayer password protected games, replaced Early Access banner with nags)
  • EA v 95.1 - major b - site v0.41.2.1 (multiplayer enhancements, ability to translate via an spreadsheet file, fixed cases where more lives were mounted in slots than were actually available)
  • EA v 96.1 - major b - site v0.41.2.2 (multiplayer fixes, added few options to hide stuff during multiplayer)
  • EA v 97.1 - minor u - site v0.41.3 (preliminary touchscreen support, further weapons balancing, groundwork for iOS and macOS releases)
  • EA v 98.1 - minor u - site v0.41.4 (old christmas content, ability to download languages and set them permanently, added christmas party at space burger in the galaxy)
  • EA v 98.3 - major b - site v0.41.4.1 (fixed crashes when encountering crab v2 boss, when starting multiplayer games, when pressing ctrl+t to select translations)
  • EA v 99.1 - minor u - site v0.41.5 (more christmas content - henperor, mysterious ship, infinichick, special forces, party time, asteroids; network performance during multiplayer was improved)
  • EA v 100.1 - major b - site v0.41.5.1 (ability to leave and rejoin league, spacecraft balancing and removal of bx-6 spaceships, glitched UI during retro missions, danger zones return to all difficulty skills, removed christmas content and christmas party)
  • EA v 101.1 - minor u - site v0.41.6 (more spacecraft balancing - bombers have individual max speeds, spaceship collision radius were tweaked, continous beam weapons have been reworked, league negative dare points are no longer allowed)
  • EA v 101.2 - major b - site v0.41.6.1 (fixed enemies appearing out of thin air in energy fences wave, fixed being able to dare after leaving league)
  • EA v 102.1 - major u - site v0.42 (“space superiority” spaceship family, added purchasable spaceship hardpoints, keys are indicidually collectible for each player, added booster slot to spacecraft, added overdrive booster to galactic store, spaceship balance tweaks to practically all of them)
  • EA v 103.1 - minor u - site v0.42.1 (changes to all spaceships but mostly VF-class, weapon balancing tweaks, visual effect when lighting strikes an immune spaceship)
  • EA v 104.1 - minor u - site v0.42.2 (galactic cup qol tweaks, power level displaying X+Y)
  • EA v 105.1 - minor u - site v0.42.3 (new accumulator weapon booster)
  • EA v 106.1 - major u - site v0.43 (special weapon cycling, 3 new CHL exhausts)
  • EA v 106.2 - major b - site v0.43.0.1 (spacecraft teleports to center when firing bug)
  • EA v 107.1 - major u - site v0.44 (new potion chicken breed)
  • EA v 108.1 - major u - site v0.45 (dr beaker boss, 4 new music tracks)
  • EA v 109.1 - minor u - site v0.45.1 (config presets, removed 3 music tracks)
  • EA v 110.1 - major u - site v0.46 (38 new waves, frozen asteroids, randomizer uses waves that require particular environments, HSB sliders show numeric value)
  • EA v 111.1 - major b - site v0.46.0.1 (emergency update with difficulty tweaks to new waves)
  • EA v 112.1 - minor u - site v0.46.1 (customizable spawn shields, hex color codes)
  • EA v 113.1 - major u - site v0.47 (new chiller chicken breed)
  • EA v 114.1 - major u - site v0.48 (new phoenix chicken breed, customizable food drops)
  • EA v 115.1 - minor u - site v0.48.1 (support multiple items in mission config screen, pixie dust hardpoint equipment, heat insight, daylight saving is included when calculating player’s timezone)
  • EA v 116.1 - minor u - site v0.48.2 (4 new music tracks, secret party like it’s 2002 command parameter)
  • EA v 117.1 - minor u - site v0.48.3 (pot luck missions)
  • EA v 117.2 - major b - site v0.48.3.1 (gifts not dropping from bosses)
  • EA v 118.1 - minor u - site v0.48.4 (budget constraint missions, overpowered bonus at 30fp, 4 new backgrounds, few balancing weapons tweaks)
  • EA v 119.1 - major u - site v0.49 (quests, weapon virtuosity change, new music track, new background, tweaks for background colorizing, power preserver perishable, removed party like it’s 2002 parameter)
  • EA v 120.1 - minor u - site v0.49.1 (regional stores show price discount savings compared to galactic store, various engine updates, groundwork for iOS port (IAP))
  • EA v 121.1 - major u - site v0.50 (halloween version with new re-skins, android test .apk version)
  • EA v 122.1 - minor u - site v0.50.1 (reworking of client input handling, removed halloween)
  • EA v 123.1 - minor u - site v0.50.2 (thanksgiving version, reworked input system again)
  • EA v 124.1 - minor u - site v0.50.3 (CI2 anniversary edition, cross-platform multiplayer)
  • EA v 125.1 - minor u - site v0.50.4 (christmas edition, player reporting system)
  • CIU v 126.1 - EA end - site v1.0 [site v0.51 if not counting EA exit] (removed early acess content, new christmas edition reskins)
  • CIU v 126.2 - major b - site v1.0.0.1 (anomaly zones don’t control gravity in multiplayer bug)
  • CIU v 127.1 - minor u - site v1.0.1 (credits screen, change in cheating policy)
  • CIU v 128.1 - minor u - site v1.0.2 (anticheat hardening, valentine’s day easter egg)
  • CIU v 129.1 - minor u - site v1.0.3 (stricter anticheat)
  • CIU v 130.1 - minor u - site v1.0.4 (anticheat improvement, measures against exploits and wave farmers, laser cannon and accumulator tweaks, public IDs for accounts)
  • CIU v 130.2 - major b - site v1.0.4.1 (crash when searching new squadron members)
  • CIU v 131.1 - minor u - site v1.0.5 (more anticheat work, few balancing tweaks)
  • CIU v 132.1 - major b - site v1.0.5.1 (unknown serious server issue with v 131)
  • CIU v 133.1 - minor u - site v1.0.6 (anticheat improvements, feature freeze for iOS release)
  • CIU v 134.1 - minor u - site v1.0.7 (easter edition, Wine detection, iOS preperations)
  • CIU v 135.1 - minor u - site v1.0.8 (more anticheat measures, Google Play android version release)
  • CIU v 136.1 - major u - site v1.1 (new burgermeister 3000 boss, yet more anticheat work)
  • CIU v 136.2 - minor u - site v1.1.1 (burgermeister tweaks and fixes)
  • CIU v 136.3 - minor u - site v1.1.2 (burgermeister tweaks and fixes, better erorr logging rework)
  • CIU v 136.4 - major b - site v1.1.2.1 (steam cloud bugfix)
  • CIU v 136.5 - minor b - site v1. (properly using localized numeric digits)
  • CIU v 137.1 - major u - site v1.2 (seasonal editions always included and possible to switch between them in settings)

Keep in mind that different people can have different understanding of what is a major and what is a minor feature. Honestly I was being rather generous with calling some updates major in this rework so I doubt it would go any higher than that currently.


In my mind, most modifications and improvements are NOT major updates, although obviously I don’t complain about it. The major updates are, in my opinion:

  • Added new mission types (only Chicken Invasion is available at the beginning). There are currently 12 types of missions, so 11 of them are added later.

  • Added new enemies and waves. Only few updates do this, but in those updates iA was having a lot of free time and a lot of fun so iA put a lot of new waves based on player suggestions, as much as possible.

  • Added new items in the store, power-ups or insights to use in missions.

  • Make environments actually have a major impact in the game. They are in the game in the beginning, but are cosmetics only.

  • Added new competitions (only Daily and Weekly is available at the beginning). There are currently 6 competitions, so 4 of them are added later.

  • A series of updates long in the past that rework all weapons, but because they are given major abilities that make them much more useful than before, I count it as a major update. There are 16 weapons in the game, including the Absolver Beam added as a new weapon in this game.

  • Added Shady Dealer and Supply Droids.

  • Added Chicken Hunter License with two extra-hard CHL missions.

  • Added multiplayer.

  • Added new spacecrafts (two new spacecraft families are added since the beginning).

Indeed, about 30%-40% of updates are considered major, but the system iA uses have an advantage that we know exactly how many updates have been released since the beginning of the game, iA only uses the second number for emergency fixes.

I don’t want iA to change the version naming because that will cause confusion for a lot of players. And remember that iA depends entirely on YOU, the community, to provide feedback (iA doesn’t have many people to test the game with before releasing it to the public, and testing with only small samples result in errors), so iA won’t release an update that is too big because it may cause dangerous errors.


This also serves as a good reminder of what the updates brought over the years


Thank you for this. I missed over a year of content and I’ve been curious on what was added in which patch


Yeah I said I was generous with classifying some of the updates.

Well it’s kind of worthless since it doesn’t tell anything at all - updates were coming in different periods, some of them were minor updates and some of them were also minor updates but had to be released as major so all players upgrade to it to fix critical bug.

Not true for all of them. You can trust me, I’ve read all of the changelogs yesterday. There were some emergency fixes, but most of them were optional. If something was truly critical IA just released a new major version.

Well for first it certainly would. But I’m certain players aren’t so stupid and can adapt to some little changes. Especially if it means they will be able to easily see which updates introduce many new features and content.

But, we are all testing it right now. All the players here and all the players from Steam.

IA already released few big updates that even in their changelog had predictions of breaking. And they did. Sometimes you can’t avoid that.


When will the release end now when early access ends?

Many years later…

Oh man agein more years

i hope a log like this will exist for all the other CI games. Or maybe it does, but I just haven’t found it yet

The wiki has a few pages on the update history of the previous games, most notably the beta versions

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Added 42 versions since EA version 103.1.

EA ended on v0.51.
Since the release we had 2 major updates.

Feel free to write if you would classify some update as a major one. I tried to be very generous but maybe I missed something.




I mean, more like a typo.
I’ll just leave it and correct it the next time I feel like updating this list.