Return to mission screen after finish the mission

Hi, my first post here and It’s a suggestion to improve QoL.

Currently, after we finish the mission, when pressing back at the result screen it will always take us back into the galaxy screen. I suggest that when we press back, we go to the mission select screen instead (either in the planet’s mission screen, or the profile’s mission screen)

I suggest this because as I travel around I like to stack up a lot of mission to the TODO list and then settle at a nicely priced after market to do all of them. It happen to me that I have to press Profile → mission every time I finish the mission, which is quite tedious after a while.


This idea is actually somewhat similar to the idea I suggested earlier about the “retry” button.

I agree with you, I hate being taken back to the galaxy map everytime I finish a mission, because it wastes time to find where I’m going to do then.


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