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Hello everyone, i has returned! Its been a while since i left this forum because there is a lot of things that is hard to explain. But now, the exam transition was over, and now i can return! But sadly, i cant play CIU anymore, because my keyboard broken down. Anyway, greeting from @BTChickenHunter to all forum members!


Welcome back BTChickenHunter

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Me too. You can still play CIU without the keyboard

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but we can’t pause the game though

(my mouses’ left click doesn’t work :laughing:)
so i use the enter button



the problem is: i cant pause game!

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Please turn your game screen into “Window” in the settings. If you want to pause the game, quickly move your mouse down the window toolbar and press out

nah, play ciu without mouse lock is annoying

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i wonder if u can understand what i mean


Welcome back @BTChickenHunter! Glad to see you back to the forum!

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oh so you were in a rush and you can’t pause the game by clicking out?
am i right :white_check_mark:? or left :x:

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Welcome bacc, recruit!

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Welcome back to the U.H.F.


with a broken command board.

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so much new thing omg!


Welcome bacc!!

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