Retro mission give more keys easier *POLL*

sometime i was finishing the retro mission and they gave me more keys easier.
and base multiplier 200%.
is this false?

  • yes
  • no

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Is this false? No, because it does give more keys, but in return it is very difficult to find a wormhole (without being aware of this forum) and it has a high tier requirement.

oh, thanks.
it’s true.

…and the retro miſſions are boring.


Mostly because of the same layout all the time, but at higher difficulties they are quite hard to take out


I cant find the retro missions boring anymore… Well @BoggY said why.

it’s on wormhole.

When will Travis get a proper grammar and stop making pointless poll like these?

  • When the last atom of the universe is gone
  • After 100 years
  • After half a century
  • After a decade
  • After 1 Week
  • Tomorrow(though this is impossible but here go nothing

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