This is the thoughts that was going through my mind while im grinding for the daily medal. My English is not great but I hope I can convey somewhat my feelings.

  1. Missions and waves.

Do you know about Hearty Tribune? It is a very difficult missions that has been hauting me. I remember Hearty Tribune for it’s Yolk Star boss fight and because of the story of me asking for a Yolk training mission and end of spend all my keys to go to a Wormhole and finally Anake in order to flight it (someone didn’t assign me that mission). And that’s it. It the ONLY mission that I remember or care about, also because i still didn’t finished it. When people talk about gameplay, there will never be a mission name mentioned, instead people talk about Pulsating gid, Wheel of Fortune, Yolk StarTM, Hend Game, Metal Ship, Apple Core or sometimes an image full of Chickennauts or Armored Chickens in it. It’s extremely boring see same things over and over on Discord. I once asked my friend (a pro) streaming on Discord to play a Wheel of Fortune wave but he didn’t know what mission has it. Noone cares about mission at all they are just the same you don’t know what’s inside each there are ton of missions with same waves. Of course i know they missions make up the variability of the game but after playing hundreds of mission it becomes extremely boring.

  1. Learning curve

When there are nothing to learn, we move on.

I saw many pro in many games quit after 4 or 5 years of playing. But in this game, i see many players that played for over 1 year complain about how repetitive the game is, and that they won’t be there after the game release. What’s worse than that? CIU is meant to be a casual game, but casual games I know are not this easy. Anyone played the game more than one year can survive a pulsating grid wave or high difficulty Yolk star because they have ton of healths, strong gun and special weapons (phase-out can everything btw), and once they survived there is nothing worth puting care on, the rest of mission are so easy even on ssh.

  1. The hype

No this game don’t have anything to hype about except from the updates. A pro beats a mission that no one can pass after countless tries with everyone get crazy on the chat. A competition for a record, a limit, the first place in a mission . OMG I got to the 3 digit gang guys Im rank 995 holy shit!!!. The intensities are what this game lacking.

  1. Custom missions

What you can make, there are others that can make better. To keep the game live long only 100-200 kind of waves/bosses are not enough, and they will never be enough. There’s no need to talk much about this and i don’t know what to say really.

  1. Chicken hunter license

If the game targets casual player i doubt many licenses will be purchased. Casual players are “bad” because they didn’t play the game much, and after a short time they can get every good. I don’t think players that don’t play game often want to put money to only save their account, especially when it’s feasible to manually backup CIU data. The players that want to purchase license are the players that had put considerated time in the game. But, will they think the game worth playing when next year come? Will they regret buying the license?

Took me over 1 hour to write this, english is hard. Umm I finished exactly 567 waves i wrote it down here but it’s so borring maybe i’ll keep going to get the first daily medal. Umm I know the game named Osu! it’s like this game a singleplayer game with a community attached to it and it’s also made by one person called Ppy he got a private jet years ago he hire a team to qualify beatmaps (the same thing as missions) a team to moderate, ban hacker etc he’s working with the Lazer major update which is great it’s open source and many new features I hope it can be released this year. Um sorry I forgot iA you should be rest from the game for now but just think about what i said. I hope i can stay here long.


First off, I want to say that if the game were to leave Early Access tomorrow, your point is dead right. Replayability is a major issue and it needs to be addressed. But fortunately, there’s time to do that before launch. :wink:

Would you mind sharing the location?

I do agree with this point, but compared to the previous Chicken Invaders games, it’s a huge step in the right direction. And we’ll likely see more replayability before we leave EA, too.

Multiplayer would do wonders to fix this, though…

And this, too…

This has been suggested plenty of times, but it’s a good idea and I think we all want to see it in one form or another.

I know the game, and I’m not sure it’s the best comparison, partially because it’s been out and popular for many years (to my knowledge). CIU is still in it’s formative years - it will take time to grow. :wink:

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Moros - Ananke

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