Rendering Glitches

Hey @InterAction_studios,

I don’t know exactly why, but all CI games (including CIU) have “rendering glitches”. Basically, about every 10 seconds (or more rarely) there is 1 frame where some images are being drawn wrong or the screen flickers in one color. It’s almost too short to recognize as it’s only 1-2 frames long, but still noticeable.

I got a nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB and the driver version is (27.10.2017).

AMD RX560, AMD HD 5570, AMD HD 6700, “God-save-me-please-cards” nVidia GF 7300GT and AMD X600PRO - no glitches detected (Last 2 are so laggy, but there are no render glitches). Did you try to play on different PCs? And try to Enable\Disable V-Sync, it causes some problems rarely.

The glitches are when 1 wave ends and begins new.

Strange, I didn’t noticed them. Maybe my framerate is too fast, idk

@cook1ee That indeed sounds like a driver problem. The trouble is, these days DirectX 9.0c is always hardware-emulated in the driver itself, and not all drivers are tested thoroughly. Updating to a more recent driver might help, or it might make it worse :frowning: Also, try running the game in a window and see if that helps at all.

@Nikito You probably mean framerate stuttering or a split-second freeze, but not actually a graphics glitch, right?

Yes, exactly. What is the reason for this thing? I didint see this is CIU btw.

3 reasons: Saving progress, procedurally generating upcoming wave enemy formations, and loading graphics for enemies (only the first time you encounter them).

Working on reducing pause time, but it can’t be eliminated entirely.

I’ve always seen some glitching with the LIghtning Fryer, at least as far back as CI4. Fairly often, there’s something looking more or less like this:

Is that fixable, or is it a problem at my end?

Do you have VSync turned on?
If not, then here’s your answer.

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I think that’s it. I wasn’t familiar with VSync. I turned it on, and I’m not seeing the problem any more. Thank you!

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