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Yes, you’ve heard the title, this is a reminder to let you guys know that i’m only going to make topics when an ideA (Haha, get it? I’m not trying to mock iA) had popped up in my head or when i’m bored. That’s all.

EDIT: I think i’ve made a mistake about me not making meaningless topics ever. How can i remove this topic then?

EDIT 2: Pretend you’ve didn’t see anything if this topic was bumped.




Ok, you just created meaningless topic about making only meaningful topic? Wat


Welp, there he goes again


It’s not a topic, that’s a reminder.


Okay, i’ll nerf it.


Can you just stop repeat in every posts the word meangfull(about your topics or posts)? This needs to be mention 1 or 2 times not 28467281919129 times.


“Useless” question: girl from avatar is you ?


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


I think he didn’t ask you. He asked Nikito.


Its the girl that i lost and want to bring back, after so many bad things that i do. Well its imposible. She is the reason for the previous profile picture(the sad one). This is the maximum that i can share ;(


That beïng the caſe, it’d ſeem to me that it would be more reſpectful of her not to uſe her picture as an avatar. How’s about a picture of you?

Speaking of which, I actually need to create a good avatar, but I haven’t had time, inclination, and creätivity ſimultaneöuſly.


Sorry about that.


That 28467281919129 is true or invented?


I just improvised.