Redeming Retro waves

Retro waves are the hardest to acces wave (not including the chl only missions.) For it, you need the 2 most expesnsive shields, find a wormhole ( which is very difficult even with coords) and what we get are 12 not so unique waves and 2 bosses. and They’re fairly easy. I suggest making the retrowaves harder by one of this suggestions:

  1. Difficulty exponentially upgrades the Retro enemies.
  2. Make an “elite” version of haves. (there’s a retro mission that has 4 repeated waves)
  3. add an elite/miniboss retro enemy apearing at higher difficulties.

Also, cycling missions so that there are unique missions every x time.
And if retro waves ever get hard, maybe give it a higher tier requirement.

Make Retro Waves harder?
  • They need more difficulty (yes)
  • They need more difficulty, but the ideas are bad (Maybe)
  • Theyare fine now (no)

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