RECRUIT 35 LOG #4 (The M-400 Class Aesthetics and Paint Jobs)

So after seeing the M-408 Cuisiner in action (Thanks, @Sophodot ), I started thinking about pitching the one idea that’s been nagging at my mind since I started Beta-testing Episode 5, and I think could work wonderfully in this game.

There are three different types of M-400 Class Academy Fighters. What if each of them had a different aesthetic in the final game?

Imagine if the least expensive model looked like a modernized equivalent of Episode 3’s M-400 with nothing on the tail wing, the M-404 PI Deliverer looked closer to Episode 4’s model with the tank tips on the wing, and the Cuisiner had Episode 5’s aesthetic with tail fins.

Each model could have the choice of one or two jet engine exhaust flames, either from the main port, or the rear weapon pods.

And regarding paintwork, I don’t think it should be just limited to one particular pattern overall. I think it should be more like Episode 5, where there are color options for every part of the ship, from the weapon pods to the tip of the ship’s nose. There should also be an option to adjust the weathering (gaps in the paintwork) to none at all, or to how much of the paint is missing.

Now, more than ever, I want to give my Academy Fighter these colors.


And as a side note, give the ability to change the style of the engine exhaust flame, no matter what kind of engine you have. Different paintwork patterns and color shades would have to be unlocked, but if I wanna give a little shred of light to the exhaust port, I think that should be available from the start.


That white light on the exhaust port never gets old to me. Can that change color, too?

I think that the weathering ſhould come with time, and be faſter for people who travel a lot between ſtar ſyſtems.

I dunno…
If that were the case, then you might have to pay to have it repainted, and I already think you should only have to pay for different paint patterns and colors.

I agree, we should be able to change the colors for every part of the ship.