RECRUIT 35 LOG #2 (Everything that shouldn't have to be purchased with keys)


  1. Paint jobs) Having to pay just to do something as simple as change the shininess of your vehicle or whatever else should not cost any keys at all. It didn’t work that way in Episode 5, so why change that here? What SHOULD cost money is different paint patterns for the weapon pods, body, tail wing, and so on.

  2. The type of starting spaceship you want) I’m sorry, I know there’s a new vehicle in the Heroes Academy garage, but the inability to start with the vehicle of your choice doesn’t seem fair. Maybe in a future build for the game, you could choose either the H&C Class or the M-400 Class on startup and continue from there. Better yet, maybe the choice of the M-400 class would be a veteran option, so you could start out with a tutorial mission that’s a little tougher, but more lucrative regarding keys.

  3. Backgrounds and music pieces) I think a lot of other recruits will agree with me when I say that these options DEFINITELY shouldn’t have to be paid for. They should be free to choose because by this point, we’ve already seen all of these backgrounds and heard all of these soundtrack pieces. Not even the new soundtrack pieces should have to be unlocked.

SIDE NOTE) As much as a lot of the descriptions do give me a chuckle for the other items in the shop, their functionality is extremely vague. Can we get an alternate description on what they actually do to benefit the gameplay or visuals. And if they change the visuals on the ship, can we get an animated image showing what the change looks like, be it a paint job or jet engine upgrade?

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Or, as an alternative option, have some kind of guide in the game point us towards missions that reward the most keys. Make the obtaining of keys much more gratifying by allowing… well… more keys. It’ll take a long time to get to 3,000 if I’m only grabbing 40 for each tier I reach.

Uſe “I know for a fact” when talking about ſomething that’s objective, not ſubjective.
I know for a fact that 1+1=2.
I know for a fact that that jacket is hideous.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I’ll edit that out.