RECRUIT 35 LOG #14 (Issues with the Yolk Star)

As great as it is to see the hardest final boss be added to the Sonic Generations equivalent of the Chicken Invaders series, I think the difficulty spike has been amplified to a degree where it’s kind of rage-inducing… just slightly.

  1. Most of the time, I’ve fought the Yolk Star when it approaches from the bottom of the screen, and it REALLY throws me off. With the Egg Cannon or the Planetary Egg City, it works better because those fights are horizontal. With the Yolk Star, it feels more natural for it to always approach from the top.

  2. When the difficulty is high enough, the Yolk Star starts with more than four cannons, and that obviously makes things more hectic, especially when they all fire at random.
    So with the new coding options, I thought of something. What if we got a quick heads-up on when each cannon fires. It’d either be a quick spark of light, like Episode 3’s Egg Drones, or a trace-beam warning like with the Super-Chick.

  3. What if it were possible to do damage to the Yolk Star’s laser cannons? We wouldn’t be able to destroy them, of course, but with enough hits, we could make the cannons short-circuit, preventing them from moving and firing for about 3 seconds.

  4. I think the Terminator Chickens ought to exclusively approach from the Yolk Star’s side of the screen because having them spawn from the left and right has resulted in a lot of cheap deaths for me.


And this is exactly why all the CI4&5 boſſes are ſo eaſy.

Making the boſs eaſiër.

Tranſlation: BCMediaPlayer ſtill needs to learn to look out for thoſe things.

Your propoſal would reſult in its being even eaſiër than the firſt Henterpriſe battle. No, I think it's great juſt the way it is; it's _ſuppoſed_ to be a challenge, after all.

Agreed. Though we’ll probably get used to this after some time.

Technically there is already a heads-up: a chargeup sound before the cannon is fired. But even then, a small spark or a subtle glow wouldn’t hurt, as long as it’s not a M A S S I V E L A S E R that appears a whole second or two before the beam is actually fired.

I’d say probably not. Doesn’t really seem like a necessary addition to me (and also too big of a change from the original).

I think as long as you stay closer to the Yolk-Star™ than to the edges of the screen you’ll be fine. The issues begin when you have to manoeuvre between the beams to get rid of the chickens while simultaneously dodging said chickens. Which is much harder if there’s more than 4 beams.

The main problem I have with the Yolk-Star™ at the moment is what enemies can spawn as terminators. Imo (at least on rookie) it shouldn’t spawn any of the following:

  • any two-stage enemies (chick UFOs/chicken UFOs)
  • any mini-bosses

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Translation: Traveller likes to overexaggerate things

Ben i dissagree, the Yolk Star is harder on the bottom. We need a little variety.

Also The Henterprise being immortal while changing the sides dosnt help especially because of the little HP. Well, the bug with the red beam when Henterprise want to leave fast is active once again even with the new changes.

Well, assuming it’s possible, why not just…
Make the beam’s source move along with the ship while it’s retreating?

And if that, for whatever reason, is not possible then just make the beam cut out when it starts retreating.

Good point.

Very true, but in this caſe it’s not much of an exaggeration. I think what ſhould happen is that the Yolk Star ſhould only appear on harder miſſions.

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Solution: Play on rookie
It’s fine how it is, don’t make Yolk star kid-friendly please.
EDIT: @BCMediaPlayer try “blast from the past” on SSH…

I DO play on rookie a good chunk of the time, actually.
I love a good challenge, too, but I don’t want it to seem unfair.

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“Still need to look out for terminat–” Hey, watch it, pal. I don’t like your tone. We’re supposed to be on the same boat here.
I never said I hated challenge, I just don’t want it to be unfair.

But it is fair. Unfair are asteroids flying in angle from left or right border of screen when you don’t have weapon that can shoot wider areas. And I think one U.C.O was also unfair when it slammed me in bottom left corner and I couldn’t escape it.
Yolk Star is easier to dodge. You just need to keep an eye on which laser cannon stopped moving and go elsewhere. I don’t remember if chickens spawned from bottom side when Yolk Star was on up, but if they did I agree that’s little unfair, but from left and right it’s totally fine.

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I don’t see how asteroids are unfair, it was completly your fault that UCO slammed you in the corner, you need to be more careful, the Yolk star is managable at every difficulty… for me at least.

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Technically incorrect, since the U.C.O. isn’t meant to be able to descent that low (judging by its behaviour in CI3).
But the asteroids should very much be doable either way.

The chickens can spawn from all sides of the screen, just like in CI3. The only problem is that there is significantly less space to manoeuvre around in due to a larger number of cannons.


Does it need to have same behaviour like in ci3? Look at the other CI3 bosses, most behave alightly different, they made uco harder and I’d never change that… don’t forget that most of the bosses in this game are “meh”

Well then please explain how exactly are they different.
Cause I encountered all of them and so far they seem pretty much exactly the same (except for minor differences, like the speed/size of U.C.Os eggs and the amount of Big Chickens in “Show 'em who’s boss”).

Mysterious ship is faster, blast from the past has more purple projectiles, Yolk star can have more lasers and spawn different enemies…

Not much of a change then.
Mother-Hen Ship and Mysterious Ship seem exactly the same to me, regardless of mission difficulty (and if they are more difficult, then it’s not enough for me to notice). Are you playing on Superstar Hero by any chance?

Yeah always playing on SSh, look at the blast from the past in CI3 and now in CIU, it has more “stages” and projectiles, it also shoots faster.

Then I should’ve probably mentioned that I’m talking about balancing regarding Rookie, and only Rookie.

What’s wrong with the Henterprise this update? Did IA decreased his hp? In 8.1 he was stronger than 9.1(2). The red beam should activate faster than the ussual, the sun fire balls too. Henterprise is even easier than the Egg Cannon! I hope IA do something, its ridiculous that the final boss can be so easily killed! He needs a rework, remeaster or someting other.