Really, Really stupid question


so this just popped into my mind but do you guys still have the old ci2/ci1 models and another question, was there separate images created for ci2 promotional material like these pics i foundchicken chickeninvaders2_feature chicken-invaders-2-christmas-edition-logo chicken-invaders-2-christmas-santa-claus-costume-4 pretty obvious what i mean. in the first img the ship is red and i think thats just from the old ci2 xmas icon but it seems way higher quality. in the second img the logo is just green (idk why they did that but ok). third img if you look closely you can see that the laser cuts off right where santa chicken appears, was there a separate img for the ship shooting the chicken at the end or was the power of editing used. lastly in the 4th pic the santa chicken is being blasted, that wasn’t used in the end picture so idk it was made.
there might be clear answers to this but i just wanted to know.


Higher quality is just other render settings. They probably deleted something after making poster. They used CI3 model here.


The in-game graphics and the promotional material sometimes differ. Sometimes they are even created years apart.

When the game is published by another company, we provide marketing assets to them (icons, backgrounds, characters), but we have no control over what they do with them. That’s why sometimes you see some questionable layout and/or artistic ‘improvements’ (e.g., stupid green logo).


ok epic


also what about still possessing the old ci2 graphics