Ramon's stupid thought: Enraged bosses buff

As version 59 came out (59.3 because the two previous is :b:), the twin bosses can enraged when one of their bro dies. The enrage only increase the speed and…act like they just drank 69 gallons of energy drink and 2(00) shots of vodka. They disappoint me, it’s easier than I thought :(.

This topic is me (and some guys, maybe) gonna suggest the enraged effect on the…brothers.

Twice Infinity

Buff suggestion:

  • Double the spiral attack time or double spiral (fire 4 streams of firey instead of 2 streams), increase the green neutron firing amount. Instantly activate the double spiral when his brother dies.

Brothers Reunited

Buff suggestion:

  • Military: Throws two salvo of grenades instead of just once. Throw three knives instead of two, add 1 more throwing time. Instantly throw three salvos of grenades when his brother dies.

  • Party Chicken: Shoots 2 wastes instead of one per shot. Activates circle of poop when his brother dies.

NOTE: These won’t affect Chicken Multiplicity and it’s elite version because no, too cancerous (don’t you dare Francis).

Stolen bonuses



They could have 360 fiery attack after their sibling dies

In my opinion it should be added on chicken multiplicity and exponentiality too, and also the “Clones” should get enraged when a clone dies.

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Are you putting the bombers into the pit of Touhou Project?

No, into the pit of the pit

what about
make chick and chicken on multiplicity and exponentiality have enraged?
(nice idea isnt? @Francis)

nvm just make everything on multiplicity and exponentiality have enraged

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make slob god enraged


I Agree with you Ramon,the Boss Battle is will be more challenging

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