Ramon's random thoughts: The egg cannon's 6th phase

Well I don’t even know what I’m thinking

OK, here how the 6th phase:

The Egg cannon’s shockwave causes your ship to malfunction, disabling your main weapon and your satellites, forcing you to use the 0fp moron railgun. The Egg Cannon now will use and only use the hot Cheetos (big yellow laser) for the rest of the battle. Upon defeating the egg c, your weapon restores.

This phase only exists in >100% difficulty Missions. The moron railgun will deal 4 times more damage.

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Why not merge it with 5th phase? More phase doesn’t mean it become better.

5.5th phase?

Sounds like something I’ve seen and fought somewhere… :thinking:

How about just forcing your weapon to the lowest possible FP level instead? Except it does more damage (about 2 - 4 times as you said)

Now, this would be epic, can’t wait to try it

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